11-40oz Tumbler Press 4.0
11-40oz Tumbler Press 4.0
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11-40oz Tumbler Press 4.0

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🥳THE BRAND NEW Teal *11-40oz ALL IN ONE Tumbler Press* All Sales Final

A New, lighter, more compact Tumbler Press with all of the same wonderful fuctions!

*Please note 40oz presses weigh just under 13lbs where the 30oz presses are about 30lbs. Unfortunately we weren’t  sent correct 40oz manuals with the new presses for 40oz presses- we have ordered new manuals but know they will take time*  30oz tumbler press manuals for basic info will be included with packages for basic user info*2023- 2024 


 11-40oz Tumblers,Mugs and Glass cans press perfect in this all in one Tumbler press!

((Change pressure and sizing all with the turn of a knob!!)

This tumbler press will perfectly fit the new 40oz tumblers! You will see this is the first sleeve large enough to hold them😍 When pressing a 40oz, adjust your pressure knobs all the way open, place the 40oz inside the sleeve and adjust the pressure knobs to “hug” the cup! The sleeve will hold the 40oz with the exact amount of pressure to press beautifully. When pressing a 40oz, the press will not completely close. You will see the new 40oz tumbler press housing is the first tumbler press that opens wider to fit 40oz tumblers and XL mugs without stressing the sleeve!

All other tumblers/cans will have a small 1/2-1inch gap when closing. All tumblers should be rotated and pressed twice!

Low and slow💨 Through trial and error we find that tumblers press great at 350 degrees, about 60 seconds on each side. Always remember to heat your press with a tumbler inside to ensure your sleeve lasts.

By purchasing this item you are agreeing to terms and conditions. We are a small business and do not except returns unless product arrives damaged. This product is bought straight from a manufacturer and sold by FreshPrintswithCC.com. 



PLEASE PLACE TUMBLER PRESS ORDERS SEPARATELY. By doing so I can ensure the best shipping prices for you :) 


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Please reach out within 72 hours if items arrive damaged/defective. 


Consumable Sleeves (Heating element attachment) can be found here on the website  under “Tumbler Press Sleeve”. 

* Read your instruction manual for setting up, and always remember - When closing any press don’t force it shut. Make sure your pressure knobs and sleeve have a good amount of stretch to not be forced close. The gap on tumbler presses is completely normal, and why we recommend rotating and pressing twice! To maintain your tumbler sleeve, it is best to set tumbler presses at about 350 degrees, and turning off when not in use.